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Our story

Do fitness better. do it together.

Common Ground Fitness Center is a 24/7 fitness facility on a mission to transform bodies and lives in our community!

Common Ground was originally opened in January 2018 by Eric and Hannah mosher, after the former acd women's fitness center decided to close its doors. in april 2020, common ground was purchased by nadya beaudoin and jamie roberts after eric and hannah decided to move their family to kansas to start a new and exciting chapter in their lives. 

Nadya and jamie have continued to support the amazing community that was established by eric and hannah, building upon our motto of "transforming lives" They have expanded on the fitness equipment, fitness class offerings and personal training services since becoming the official new owners.

In february 2023, common ground fitness relocated into a beautiful new 3500 sq ft space.

we have completed renovations and while we were closed we put a lot of work into creating a new and transformative offer for our community.

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