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VIP Memberships

Introducing our brand new fitness program where we help you get laser focused with your current health and fitness goals, eliminate the confusion on what to do for your workouts, and support you with a dedicated fitness coach.

Are you ready to get off of the diet and exercise hamster wheel but are overwhelmed with what to do or where to start?

Are you someone who doesn't have a fitness plan or you're following a plan that is not the right one to help you reach your own personal fitness goals?

Are you someone who has tried other programs in the past that did not work or that gave you only short term results that were not sustainable?

Are you someone who struggles with sticking to a plan on your own and holding yourself accountable?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then Common Ground's VIP  Membership Programs may be the right fit for you.

Book your complimentary discovery consultation with one of our fitness coaches. Click the button below to fill out the discovery consultation application, and one of our fitness coaches will be in touch with you to schedule your consultation. We are looking forward to serving you. 

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